BBN Constructions operates an accredited Occupational Health and Safety Management System AS/NZS 4801:2001 and pride ourselves on a continued commitment towards safety standards across all of our sites. The safe daily work activities and responses are managed with expert personnel to ensure zero harm to workers.

BBN respects its obligations to comply with relevant Occupational Health & Safety legislation and Codes of Practice by establishing measurable objectives and actively maintaining internal audit reviews of the company’s safety standards. It is our highest priority to ensure that our workers return home safely each day.


BBN Constructions operates an accredited Quality Assurance System AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008. The system has been developed over many years and ensures the delivery of high quality projects.  Our well-developed procedures and processes facilitate a consistent and controlled communication flow within the BBN team and with the Client’s project team.  We recognise the importance of continual improvement to the Quality Management System, and commit the entire organisation to consistently meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.


BBN are proactive in our management of environmental issues. Consideration of these issues is an important aspect of our design and construction practices. We seek to minimise our environmental impact, achieve continual improvement and prevent pollution during construction activities. Our environmental policy will deliver economic, social and environmental benefits to the community. By promoting an environmentally aware culture and adopting risk management processes in dealing with environmental

Our environmental objectives for the project include:

  • Establishing an innovative Environmental Management System
  • Creating a culture of sustainable environmental management
  • Establishing clear lines of accountability for
  • environmental outcomes
  • Developing effective processes for environmental awareness, education and training
  • Measuring and reporting environmental performance
  • Creating a climate of transparency and building strategic partnerships with key environmental stakeholders.